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Once again, its been a while since I did a shopping post.

While my expenditures on Taobao appear to be at an all-time high, its mostly on computer related items.

Still, its not all work, and I do get time to research random stuff on occasion whilst sourcing stuff.

This in particular caught my eye at first –

Its a little bit expensive for a toaster, as its a japanese import, so I took a look at the local varieties.

Having a sunny day is obviously affordable for the white collar worker, as can be seen from the pricing above.

But what about the blue collar workers?

…Why yes, they too can also have a happy day.

If Doraemon is not your thing, then what about a most probably unlicensed Pinnie the Wooh, cough, cough toaster?

No love for that?

What about this –

Lastly, because this *is* asia, yes, it does come in Hello Kitty.

I’m still looking for Jesus 🙂


Cube vs Cube

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Obviously I’ve had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with my newly purchased coffee machine today.
Photo’s (and story) below.

Its a match of the titans.

Frog design vs A+P Cahen.

No rolls barred, its Cube vs Cube.

In the left corner, we have the old, the venerable…

G4 Cube

Part frakkin Toaster, part computer, (ex) fishtank, part space heater.


The newcomer with an attitude, he’s shiny, and he isn’t afraid to show it off.

Le Cube

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As there doesn’t seem to be any Biltong available in China, I’m creating my own here in South Africa, so I can bring back for friends.

This makes about about 3-3.5kg of biltong once dry.
Our model for the day – my cousin Joel.

Instructions below:

Creating our Biltong Drying Box

First, go buy a plastic storage box, this needs to be fairly deep, as we will be hanging meat vertically.  Recommend buy something with an easily removable lid thats transparent for easier checking on biltong production.

We procured our box at Plastics Warehouse opposite Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town.  Carrefour in Shanghai has suitable boxes for those in China.

We prepared the box for usage, by drilling lots of small airholes in the side, and lid, swiss cheese style.  Recommend use a drill with a 1mm bit or similar.  The idea is that air can go in, but nothing else.

Once the airholes have been created, we drilled holes for dowels that the meat is going to hang on.
Dowels should be near the top of the box, and spaced appropriately.  Note that the meat cannot touch the sides of the box, so make sure to leave enough space on the left/right of the dowels for the thickest cuts of meat.  Our efforts are below:

Biltong Box

Biltong Box

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