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The new year has arrived, and so has cheaper pricing for internet access at home.

Currently for home use, there are 3 options for internet over fixed lines.

  • China Telecom with ADSL over Copper / FTTB+Lan / FTTH
  • China Unicom
  • Orient Cable

Incumbent China Telecom has reduced their rates significantly since last year, as Unicom is encroaching on their space.

Lets start with Unicom’s packages:
The latest pricing for 2011 for Unicom is here:

Unicom can provide up to 30M for home use (assuming your area can have Fibre access via FTTB+Lan or FTTH)

10M is 198 /month
20M is 248 / month
30M is 288 / month

If you don’t have fibre, and can only get ADSL lines, then your max speeds will be 4M – 6M depending on distance from the local substation.

4M is 144 / month
6M is 168 / month.

Shanghai Telecom has committed to rolling out Fibre to all users by 2013 though, so most areas will start to see fibre availability coming soon.

Shanghai Telecom

Shanghai Telecom pricing is obviously being directly targeted by Unicom’s. Each Unicom price point has been aimed squarely at beating Telecom’s.. Competition is good, although Unicom could do better. Shanghai Telecom has far better backend infrastructure though, and that’s going to take time for Unicom to improve on.

Shanghai Telecom’s current best value package is this:

This offers 10M internet (again with the caveat of Fibre availability in your area) for the sum of 188RMB a month. If you don’t have Fibre, they reduce that price by 10RMB and provide the standard 2M / month (which in comparison with standard adsl rates is not a good deal).

They sell this as a bundle with Telephone access also, so you get reduced phone rates too.
This includes a few other random things like incoming caller ID and custom ringtones for your callers, as well as 30hrs of monthly wifi access assuming you need to use or can find their wifi when around town.

Bundles are:

E8 – ( )
10M – 188rmb /month.

E9 (
20M – 369rmb / month

Orient Cable

Last and least, we have Orient Cable. OCN rates are here

I’m not going to bother listing their package in detail, as its pretty crappy.
1M for 110 / month.

Looking at the options, my pick for best choices would be

Fibre users:
China Telecom at 188rmb / month with 10M if you can get it value for money wise.
For the speed demons China Unicom for 30M / month.

ADSL only:
China Unicom for their 4M or 6M options if you can only get ADSL installed in your area.
Unicom’s may not offer this in your area though, so you may be stuck on the standard 2M for 150/month till they upgrade lines.

Good luck!

China Mobile may start coming to their senses at some point and offer unlimited fixed wireless, but for now their offerings are too expensive for home use.


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If anyone wants to mess around with the settings for the Huawei eHome router EchoLife HG522-c (typically the ones supplied with the “3M or 4M” connection), then here are the user / pass settings.

User: telecomadmin

Useful if you want to rejig the QoS settings.

If that login doesn’t work, try this – which is usually seen on the HG226 models –
User: fiberhomehg2x0
Pass: hg2x0

The other standard modem HG520S is easier – admin / admin

Might be useful for some folks. I’m mostly posting here for myself, as I’ll probably forget and need to google it later.