Cube vs Cube

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Obviously I’ve had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with my newly purchased coffee machine today.
Photo’s (and story) below.

Its a match of the titans.

Frog design vs A+P Cahen.

No rolls barred, its Cube vs Cube.

In the left corner, we have the old, the venerable…

G4 Cube

Part frakkin Toaster, part computer, (ex) fishtank, part space heater.


The newcomer with an attitude, he’s shiny, and he isn’t afraid to show it off.

Le Cube

Who will win?

The incumbent…

The challenger…

[No Cube’s were harmed in the making of this Flickr set. The cube(s) pictured are a Cube I bought for spares and turned into a Fishtank, and my _still_ working 1.2Ghz G4 cube, that I paid over 3000$ for waaaaaay back]

I think the newcomer wins it by a hair. (Plus it makes better coffee than the G4 ever did.)
Accessories (the rather yummy Honey from New Zealand) provided by the ever wonderful people from Occam China –

Flickr set here –