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Occasionally some of our suppliers send us presents.
Usually not often enough, but I have scored me some Haagen Daaz Moon Cakes in the past after hinting heavily that while I’m sure that red bean tastes really nice, I’d probably enjoy an ice cream one more.

This morning we had a small package come into the office addressed to Eugene.

The gift that wasn't :)

We opened it up, and saw a metal box inside (just like the one we use for our Fridge Magnets).
Ahah, I thought, and I affirmatively acquired it to my desk.

Inside was some advertising fluff, a plastic “metal” badge, and an ooh, gifty looking metal box.

The gift that wasn't :)

We opened the box to find a thank you for your business from (万网)

The gift that wasn't :)

Putting that aside, we took the top foam off, to find….

The gift that wasn't :)


The gift that wasn't :)

I didn’t get a USB key (or whatever usually goes into the box), but the gift of imagination.
Yay. Score.

I think next time I’ll let Eugene keep the box!