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As I’ve been dabbling in the mad sciences recently, I thought I’d get some more toys.
This culminated in the purchase of a laser engraver.

This is it sitting next to another interesting toy I own – a CNC. He who dies with the most toys wins dontcha know 🙂
My Desktop Fab :)

The engraver came with some exceedingly shite Chinese software (Moshi Engraver), but I did know that, and had ordered a cnc controller board with the idea of retrofitting that in. (its actually in the photo above funnily enough)

It has sat in the office mildly unused, but still in my thoughts.

One of my clients finally asked what was that large orange thing upstairs, and I dragged it out and setup for them to show off some test paper cuts.

Tomorrow will take a closer look at working out the pinouts as I didn’t get very far today in getting EMC2 talking nicely to to the Y axis (which was the goal for tonight).

Long term will be interested in making it work as a printer driven hardware device, but for now EMC2 is good enough. is making interesting progress in that regard, and I might look at talking directly to the Engraver factory about integrating and making a few with a few to selling a *decent* version.

As this will be a work in progress, here are the links that will be useful.
Some need a vee pee en to view in China sadly.