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As I have been doing quite a bit of SSD updating for people who have Air’s, I have a small collection of older smaller SSD’s lying around.

Unfortunately the form factor means that they have been pretty useless in anything but a Macbook air – until now.
I’ve been able to source some small scale production samples of MicroSata -> Sata adaptors.

Photos below:

With Macbook Air SSD in situ
MacBook Air SSD to SATA Adaptor

Front and back – not much circuitry really.
MacBook Air SSD to SATA Adaptor

13.5cm length (which means can’t really be used in a laptop, sadly)
MacBook Air SSD to SATA Adaptor

Side by side comparison with populated and unpopulated adaptor
MacBook Air SSD to SATA Adaptor

Unfortunately they’re not much use in anything but a desktop at the moment due to length (13.5cm), but it does bring new life to the ones I have 🙂

Bonus, its a crapload cheaper for Air SSD’s than “normal” SSD’s – roughly half the price, so I can update some of the random desktops on the office.

Win / win!

If anyone is interested in purchasing some, let me know, and I’ll organize some more.