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As drive prices have increased somewhat to roughly 200% in price locally over the last few weeks for raw drives, and external drive cases have not, I advised a client recently to purchase an external hard drive to save some money.

The drive case he brought over to me to have installed in his desktop was a Seagate GoFlex drive.

Seagate unfortunately doesn’t use screws to put the case together like other manufacturers, instead they use the dreaded plastic clips to hold the drive case together.

Below is a quick pictorial to safely take apart one of these cases to remove a drive (or swap a broken drive).

Essentially –

1. remove the base (pulls of easily).

2. stick a credit card under the top edge (I used a flat jewel screwdriver to get enough space), and unclip top

3. slide drive out

4. remove plastic feet and unscrew screws.

5. fold down metal sticker and remove drive.