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The last few months has seen a resurgence of better than average fake RMB notes circulating around town.
As is usual, Bank ATM’s are also known to be doling out fakes, so be careful, and get money from the counters where possible.

According to various sources, most of the fakes this time around appear to be coming in from Taiwan.  They first started appearing in Guangdong province, but have made their way up to the larger cities like Shanghai and Beijing now.

Most of the fakes have ID numbers that start with HD90.
Check your notes if you get change from someone, and refuse anything starting with HD90 – its almost certainly a fake note!

Instructions on telling fake from real are below:


Astute readers should be able to tell if the note below is a fake.

Hint – You can tell from the coloring – a real 50RMB is a darker shade of green.  :


Further reference:
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