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The notes below are more for my benefit, but others may get some use out of it.
We use debian for our system, and are loosely based on the qmail setup over at /

#ClamAV has some new features, so needs libcurses for stuff like clamdtop

apt-get install libncurses5-dev

cd /downloads

#get latest version


tar -zxvf clamav-0.95.tar.gz

#We use /usr for db /etc for conf files

./configure –prefix=/usr –sysconfdir=/etc


#need to remove clam scanning from simcontrol or there will be bounces while we install due to lack of clamd

pico /var/qmail/control/simcontrol


#update qmail settings again

/var/qmail/bin/update-qmail #our own script…

#can now run make install, as its now safe…

make install

#stop the clamd service

cd /service

svc -d clamd clamd/log

#run clamd manually to check for errors


#if warning about /var/run/ can’t be created, make a /var/run/clamd folder

mkdir /var/run/clamav

chown clamav.clamav /var/run/clamav

pico /etc/clamd

#change pid file location

PidFile /var/run/clamav/

#save & try again


#check logs if ok / not, troubleshoot yourself…

#restart service

cd /service

svc -u clamd clamd/log

#check everything is running ok – should see runtimes of > 2 seconds…

svstat * */log

#Re-enable virus scanning.

pico /var/qmail/control/simcontrol



#check mail is working ok – wait for a non spam / virus message to process and give clamd status 0 (may take a while!)

tail /var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd/current

#install SCAMP – See (Additional phishing / trojan protection db’s for clamav)

cd /downloads


tar -xzvf scamp.tar.gz

cd  scamp-5.1/

cp /usr/local/bin

#run once to configure

#run again to do gpg key generation

#add to crontab

crontab -e

#add scamp

#Update Clam Alternate Scanner DB – Phishing / Trojan etc
0     */4   *   *     *     /usr/local/bin/ -L -q -R

#done. Suggest watch logs for a while, and make sure things are running smoothly.

tail /var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd/current -F